At ˿Ƶ we offer advice and guidance to students on their future career and study options through our dedicated Student Futures Advisor. To assist students in planning their future, we conduct occupational testing in Year 10. This testing is designed to help students explore potential career paths and make informed decisions about their subject choices for the senior years, ensuring they meet university prerequisites.

Our comprehensive online Canvas Futures page is an invaluable resource, providing detailed information on a wide range of post-school options. This includes information about universities, the TAFE system, apprenticeships, various training schemes, and Gap Year planning.

Starting in Year 11, all students engage in one-on-one meetings with the Student Futures Advisor. These personalised sessions are aimed at providing students with the tools to research their post-school options and provide support for them through this process, allowing each student to chart a clear and achievable path toward their career goals.

The Student Futures Office is home to the career’s library, which is stocked with an array of publications from TAFE institutions, universities, private education providers, and employers. This resource-rich environment is designed to support students in their research and decision-making processes.

Both the Student Futures Advisor and the Year 12 Academic Master are available to offer additional guidance to students and their parents. They provide expert assistance as students navigate the complex landscape of career planning and future study options, ensuring that every student is well-prepared to embark on their chosen path.