Enlightened Academic Rigour

At Oxley we have a fundamental belief in the education of the whole child. We seek to foster a learning environment that is dynamic, innovative and child-centred through the provision of high quality learning and teaching. Students are encouraged to enjoy their learning and to apply it to their understanding of the world in all its complexity and of their individual place within it.

We believe our students should be engaged and challenged in their education and constantly review both “best” and “next practice” in order to provide the very best learning. For this reason, we have joined other innovative schools in working with the globally recognised Visible Learning team as a strategy for maximising student outcomes. Our approach to transforming learning is based on Professor John Hattie’s internationally acclaimed research in Visible Learning: A synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement (2009) and his book Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximising impact on learning (2012). This outstanding research, spanning more than 15 years, involved millions of students and represents the largest evidence-based research into what actually works best in schools to improve learning.

Our staff of highly committed teachers work daily on improving the learning of our students, transforming the traditional experience to one that continues to inspire, engage and extend.

Our curriculum, while firmly grounded in the NSW Board of Studies and the Australian Curriculum requirements, offers scope for the discovery of personal passions, abilities and talents. Each student has the opportunity to grow through inquiry, discovery and exposure to a myriad of experiences designed to maximise learning.

In Years 7 – 12 the academic program offers a combination of compulsory studies and elective subjects. The opportunity for choice grows as students progress towards their senior years.

The structure of our academic program reflects the three stages of the secondary curriculum continuum.